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My Latest Projects

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Delivering upon the promises of Web 3.0, the metaverse represents the next evolution of the internet and social networks. It will revolutionize how we live, work and play over the coming decades. Giving Power Back to the People in the Metaverse explores the role that cryptocurrencies will play in our lives as the real and the virtual become inseparable.  


As consumer needs, wants and expectations across Asia evolve, so have their purchasing habits. To keep up, businesses are driving brand and product discovery using sophisticated digital tools, creating meaningful engagements throughout the customer journey. This campaign with Facebook explores the unique new ways that businesses building lasting customer relationships in our increasingly digital, social media driven world.

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Singapore Airlines Group

Singapore Airlines is on a mission to become the world's leading digital airline. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and other emerging technologies are at the heart of that drive. The Ventured Out video series shows how innovative companies around the world are using the same technologies in unique ways and draws parallels to Singapore Airlines' efforts in accompanying articles. 



If we had an opportunity to rebuild the global financial system, could we design a model that better meets the needs of everyone in society? As the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space matures, increasingly, the answer appears to be yes. The Decentralized Future of Finance explores how innovative FinTech players are creating new possibilities through technology.

Japan Gov.png

Japan Prime Minister's Office

Japan ranks low on the Global Gender Gap Report. Women find it difficult to progress due to rigid cultural norms and expectations. Japanese Women Building a Better Future profiles six women who have extraordinary careers that will inspire any reader. These Japanese women broke through cultural norms to achieve their goals and hope to inspire future generations to do the same. 

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The prognosis is in: We are facing one of the most severe cases of wanderlust in history. With travel beset by Covid-19, millions of people around the world are hungry for an adventure. And there is no Asian city that they want to visit more than Tokyo. To Tokyo Tomorrow highlights what this bustling metropolis has to offer while reassuring travellers that it is safe choice for post-pandemic travel.


Board of Investment Thailand

Thailand is fast becoming a hub for manufacturing, investing and selling products. The Board of Investment sought to amplify the opportunities in order to boost foreign direct investment. Prospectus Thailand connects with some of the world's biggest companies to learn how they are tapping into Thailand's potential as the country turns its competitive advantage into a comparative advantage.


Japan Prime Minister's Office

Earthquakes, floods, disease outbreaks, climate change - while threats come in many different forms, advances in technology are making our world safer and more secure. Innovating Resilience examines Japanese technologies that promise to neutralize those threats, minimize the physical damage and speed up the recovery, keeping people safe and preserving planet.


The Vanguard Group

Investors were hard-pressed to find long-term, low-cost investment strategies amid the negative yields, stock volatility and market uncertainty that dominated financial markets in 2019. Exploring Bond ETFs extolls the benefits of Vanguard's fixed income exchange traded fund offerings, debunking myths and misunderstanding around such products and detailing effective trading strategies.


Hyundai Kara Walker 2.png

Hyundai Motor Group

The power of art is its ability to show us the world in new ways. The Power of Art to Confront Past & Present dives into Kara Walker's Hyundai-sponsored Fons Americanus exhibition at the Tate Modern. The article examines the underlying allegory of the Black Atlantic and how Walker explores the interconnected histories of Africa, America and Europe though fact, fiction and fantasy. 

Samsung 50.png

Samsung Group

Samsung Group celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. Changing the Fabric of Our Lives with Transformative Technology looks back at how Samsung changed the way that we live, work and play over the past fifty years. The article then looks ahead at some of Samsung's new and futuristic technologies that promise to enhance our lives over the next fifty years.

A+T 2020.png

Hyundai Motor Group

The intersection of art and technology is giving rise to new forms of expression, engagement and meaning that are changing the face of art. The Power of Art & Technology in a Changing World examines that intersection to set the stage as Hyundai Motor Group and Bloomberg Media Studios prepare to launch Season 3 of the Art+Technology web series.

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To avert a climate catastrophe and achieve a net-zero emissions future, we must make substantial investments in renewable energy as well as a wide range of clean technologies. While the need to act is clear, the path forward is not. Uncertainty boils down to one simple question that this e-book for Westpac addresses: How do we know that we are making the right investments?

Hyundai yearend.png

Hyundai Motor Group

Hyundai Motor Group made tremendous contributions to the global art scene in 2019. Broader Perspectives: Art as a Tool for Understanding reflects upon the technology-inspired art installations the company supported, the importance of art in a rapidly changing society and its commitment to continue supporting the arts with insights from Hyundai CMO Wonhong Cho.

Westpac 2x.png


While the need to decarbonise the global economy is clear, the low carbon transition will not happen overnight. It is a complex process that will play out in phases. Yet, traditional forms of sustainable finance often don’t cover the interim steps. To facilitate their transition to cleaner technologies, carbon-intensive companies are tapping a new source of funding that this e-book explores: transition finance. 

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